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Devotion posts – starting in John

I am going to add a bit to the blog. In the business of things, I don’t spend enough time writing and getting thoughts out, so one way I am going to use the blog to speak into our church is to post a devotion once or twice a week. The idea is to encourage […]

Trick or Treat? Being missional at Halloween

October 31 is approaching, which means. It’s national eat candy till you puke day for kids! Yep, all the kids in the neighborhood will put on their costumes and come to your door begging for treats, and then judging each house in the neighborhood on the basis of who had the best stuff. Those who […]

God and gods

One of the most influential books in our culture right now is The Life of Pi by Yann Martel (it is on the freshman literature reading list at EHS). The story is about a boy from India on a spiritual journey who becomes a Hindu-Muslim-Christian. My son Andy was enthralled by the story of this […]

Website Enhancements Coming Your Way

As some of you regular visitors may have noticed, there have been some changes around Genesis Church’s internet home. Most notably is the wider format, and larger text. This isn’t because some of the over-the-hill types, like Mike, were complaining that the site was hard to read. In fact, I’ve never even heard that complaint. […]

Ideas for relational prayer

In the message yesterday (August 26), I shared a few ideas you might use to integrate the discipline of prayer in life. Prayer is a conversation with your Creator. Each of us experience relationship in different ways, and this applies to our relationship with God. Since we experience God in different ways, each of our […]