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Week of Prayer for North American Missions, Saturday – Noelson & Edna Chery in Philadelphia
Posted March 9th, 2024 by Mike Hubbard

Their worship leader is 16 years old. They meet in a karate studio. The sermon is in English, or Haitian Creole, or sometimes both. But the most unusual thing about Philadelphia’s First Haitian Metanoia Baptist Church might be this: Noelson Chery and his wife Edna never had any intention of starting this church. And yet […]

Week of Prayer for North American Missions, Friday – Josh & Beth Glymph in Jacksonville, Florida
Posted March 8th, 2024 by Mike Hubbard

The Glymphs are an eclectic looking family and that’s just the way they like it. In addition to their two biological children, Josh and Beth Glymph have three adopted children. God used their experience with adoption and foster care to start and grow Refuge Church, a very unusual church in a very unchurched neighborhood of […]

Week of Prayer for North American Missions, Wednesday – Faith Garland, Boston
Posted March 6th, 2024 by Mike Hubbard

Sometimes it takes a prodigal to know a prodigal. Maybe that’s why Faith Garland, a missionary at the Send Relief Boston Ministry Center, has so many opportunities to make Jesus known. Faith’s troubled past helps her connect with strippers, prostitutes and other women in Boston who’re in danger of being trafficked. She leads volunteers out […]

Week of Prayer for North American Missions, Tuesday – Joseph & Kristen Gibbons, Las Vegas
Posted March 5th, 2024 by Mike Hubbard

It’s 1,914 miles from Joseph and Kristen Gibbons’ old home in Alabama to their new home in Las Vegas. It might as well be a million miles. Several years ago, the Gibbons left their comfortable, Bible Belt community and moved to “Sin City” to start Favor City Church. Now, Joseph and Kristen know all about […]

Week of Prayer, Monday – Jefferson & Carol Hernandez: Campo Blanco
Posted March 4th, 2024 by Mike Hubbard

Many years ago, Jefferson and Carol Hernandez had an American dream. They came to the U.S. looking for wealth and prosperity. But when they found something much better than that, they started a church called, appropriately enough, Campo Blanco (White Field). Now, in a place where Latin American immigrants are arriving seemingly every day, Jefferson […]