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First Corinthians Introduction Guide
Posted October 12th, 2019 by Mike Hubbard

Starting a new series tomorrow on the New Testament letter from the Apostle Paul to the church in Corinth we call 1 Corinthians.  I have written a guide to give background information about this book for your study.  To help you prepare, spend a few minutes reading to help you have greater understanding of this […]

Who’s Your One – Reaching our Community with the Gospel
Posted September 22nd, 2019 by Mike Hubbard

Today in our worship the sermon was on the Great Commission and the three activities the church must engage to be a part of God’s reaching our city and the nations.  One of those is that we must see ourselves as a sent people, going to our neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, and any others we […]

C. S. Lewis on Praise & Love of God
Posted September 1st, 2019 by Mike Hubbard

Mentioned this quote by C. S. Lewis from his work Reflections from the Psalms. The context is that as an atheist, he saw all of the commands from God to love Him, praise Him, worship Him, honor Him.  At first it seemed as if God was vain, in need of some kind of affirmation from […]

John L Cooper Post on Apostasy
Posted August 18th, 2019 by Mike Hubbard

I pulled a quote from this Facebook post by John L. Cooper from the band Skillet this morning, but I think the entire post is worth reading in light of the recent announcements from some prominent Christians that they were renouncing the faith.  This is nothing new, but the drift begins when we begin to […]

The Prophetic Voice in Daniel 11:1-35
Posted May 26th, 2019 by Mike Hubbard

Daniel 11:1-35 is a prophetic vision given by an angel to Daniel that gives detailed predictions of events that for Daniel were in the future, but for us is in the distant past.  These verses lay out rulers, kingdoms, and conflicts for the period from Daniel in around 535 BC through 163 B BC. over […]