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Sermon Notes & Family Worship – January 29

Sermon notes sheet from our sermon on the importance of the persecuted church from Acts 23:11-35. Sermon 44 – Persecuted Church New City Catechism Question #5 Genesis Blog post with links to resources for education and prayer for the persecuted church. Song this week – O Lord My Rock and My Redeemer We showed this […]

Resources for Education and Praying for the Persecuted Church

Sermon this morning will highlight the reality that persecution for Christian witness is a key theme in the New Testament and a real experience for so many of our brothers and sisters around the world.  Nik Ripken remind us, “Don’t you ever believe there is a free church and a suffering church.  There is just […]

Sunday Worship Service, Jan. 29, 2023

Welcome to Genesis Church Worship Service Livestream for January 29, 2023.  This morning we are gathering in person at Blevins Elementary.   We are also honored to have you joining us online. Before we begin, you will need a few things … So, grab your Bibles, or you can find our text for this morning linked […]

Sermon Notes & Family Worship – January 22

Notes sheet from our sermon on proper use of rights and interaction with governing authorities from sermon on Acts 22:22-23:10. Sermon 43 – Rights and Arguments New City Catechism Question #4 I wrote a blog post with the full text of the Baptist Faith and Message, 2000 statement on religious liberty.  Find it here. Song […]

Baptist Faith & Message Statement on Religious Liberty

Genesis is part of a network or family of churches called Great Commission Baptists or Southern Baptists.  This family of churches is united around a set of core belief called the Baptist Faith and Message (BF&M), a document that was updated in the year 2000 which articulates the doctrinal and cultural convictions of the churches […]