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Confronting Christianity Sermon Plan

For our Summer preaching series, we are going to look at questions raised and addressed in the book Confronting Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin (order the book here). The book engages 12 of the most common questions asked by skeptics of the Christian. Our goal is to engage these questions by preaching Christ from the Scriptures, […]

Jesus Is – A Synopsis of Christology

For the past few months we have been preaching a series of sermons on Christology, or the key doctrinal beliefs we as followers of Jesus hold about the person and work of Jesus.  These beliefs are 2,000 years old, taught in the Scriptures, held and passed on by the early church, and affirmed in the […]

Sermon Notes & Family Worship – May 28

Notes sheet from our sermon on the Second Coming of Jesus in our Jesus Is series. Sermon 10 – Jesus is Coming New City Catechism Question #22 Song this week – Psalm 34 (O Taste and See)

Sunday Worship Service May 28, 2023

As you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, find a few moments to remember those who sacrificed for our freedom. Welcome to Genesis Church Worship Service Livestream for May 28, 2023.  This morning we are gathering in person at Blevins Elementary.   We are also honored to have you joining us online. Before we begin, you will […]

Summer Sermon Series – Confronting Christianity

We are beginning a new sermon series on the first Sunday of June seeking to answer some tough questions.  The series will interact with Rebecca McClaughlin’s book Confronting Christianity.  We want to encourage a few things during the series. 1. Buy the book and read it – You can get it from Amazon here 2. […]