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Sermon Notes & Family Worship – January 20

Notes sheet from Darin Slater’s sermon in the Eat this Book series. Sermon 2 – Nutrition Facts New City Catechism – Question #3 Song this week is All Creatures of our God and King As we celebration the Martin Luther King holiday this week, let me encourage you to watch the video of his I […]

Bible Tools

For our sermon next Sunday we need a little bit of your help. It is our plan to share as many apps, websites, resources, and other tools that are helpful for personal Bible reading and study, the application of Scripture, and even tools for helping you read and study the Bible with your kids or […]

Back at Blevins in the Morning – Revised Service Location

Rockwood has changed their decision for tomorrow and is going to let us have our worship service as normal at Blevins.  So our Sunday service will be meeting as normal at Blevins Elementary, 10 AM.  For those who help set-up and break down, we will need you and even extra help tomorrow.  We also plan […]

Divine Inspiration – How we Know the Bible is from God (Part 2) – Bible Prophecies

In the first post of this series I shared that my goal was to write  a series of posts giving evidence of the divine inspiration of the Bible.  At Genesis we believe in a view of inspiration called plenary-verbal inspiration.  This view basically affirms that human authors were writing, but their human words were literally […]

Divine Inspiration – How we Know the Bible is from God (Part 1) – The Unity of the Bible

This is the first part of a four part series of blog posts hoping to answer this question, is the Bible merely a book about God or is it actually from God?  Amazon has at least 80,000 books about God, some more helpful than others.  Every major religion has a holy book, as well  As […]