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The Prophetic Voice in Daniel 11:1-35

Daniel 11:1-35 is a prophetic vision given by an angel to Daniel that gives detailed predictions of events that for Daniel were in the future, but for us is in the distant past.  These verses lay out rulers, kingdoms, and conflicts for the period from Daniel in around 535 BC through 163 B BC. over […]

Sermon Notes & Family Worship – May 19

Notes sheet from sermon on Daniel 10:1-21 on the Unseen Sermon 13 – Unseen New City Catechism – Question #20 Song this week is Mediator

C. S. Lewis – Two Dangers in Dealing with the Unseen World

Used this quote today by C. S. Lewis from the introduction in his book The Screwtape Letters. Such an amazing book with insight in to how the unseen forces of evil work to ruin our faith, wreck our witness, and destroy our lives.  Well worth the read. There are two equal and opposite errors into […]

Sermon Notes & Family Worship – May 12

Notes and Family Worship over Daniel 9:20-27 and Daniel’s vision of 70 weeks. Sermon 12 – Seventy Weeks New City Catechism – Question #19 Song for this Week is Blessed Be your Name

Next Steps – Intentional Discipleship for Children

“Next Steps” is Genesis Church’s method to introduce and sustain intentional discipleship in our families. The goal of Next Steps is to provide parents with resources for leading their families (Next Steps:PARENTS); a fun and informative class to reinforce the truths of the Christian faith to our kids (Next Steps:KIDS); and a right of passage […]