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Sexual Abuse, #MeToo, and the Southern Baptist Moment

For the past year, the Southern Baptist Convention has been embroiled in controversy around the issue of sexual abuse.  At the annual gathering in June of last year these issues were brought to the forefront, with stories of predators, wolves cloaked as shepherds who moved from church to church, preying on the young and vulnerable.  […]

Sermon Notes & Family Worship – June 16

Notes sheet from Darin Slater’s second sermon on Jude titled Keep & Wait Contend Sermon 2 – Keep and Wait New City Catechism – Question #24 Song this week – Trust and Obey A video for our dads on Father’s Day

Sermon Notes & Family Worship – June 9

Notes sheet from first sermon in Darin Slater’s two sermon series on Jude. Contend Sermon 1 – Loud Mouthed Boasters New City Catechism – Question 23 Song this Week – The Gospel

Sermon Notes & Family Worship – June 2

Notes from our last sermon in Daniel over Daniel 12. Sermon 15 – How Long New City Catechism – Question #22 Song this week – Revelation Song

Sermon Notes & Family Worship – May 26

Sermon notes from Daniel 11:1-45 on the Antichrist and the People who know their God Sermon 14 – Those Who Know their God New City Catechism – Question #21 Notes sheet explaining connection of events described in Daniel 11:1-35 to the corresponding historical events Song this week – All My Hope