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A Psalm 22 Prayer For Good Friday

As part of our liturgy during our Psalms series we have asked different members of our church to close the sermon with a prayer from the Psalm that had been preached.  This past Sunday we covered the great lament Psalm that foreshadowed and prophesied of the cross in Psalm 22.  One of our members, Doug […]

Sermon Notes & Family Worship – March 28

Notes sheet from our sermon on Psalm 22, the Psalm of lament that foreshadows the cross. Sermon 13 – 22 New City Catechism – Question #13 Song this week – O Help my Unbelief

Sunday Worship Service March 28, 2021

Welcome to Genesis Church Worship Service Livestream for March 28.  This morning we are gathering in person at Blevins Elementary.   We are also honored to have you joining us online. Before we begin, you will need a few things … So, grab your Bibles, or you can find our text for this morning linked below. […]

Sermon Notes & Family Worship – March 21

Notes sheet from sermon on Psalm 150 about singing hallelujahs. Sermon 12 – 150 New City Catechism – Question #12 Song this week – Great are you Lord

Prayer of Lament for Atlanta Shootings

We prayed this lament in our gathering this morning.  Sharing it out so you can continue to use it to lament and pray for the victims and the Asian-American community. PRAYER OF LAMENT FOR ATLANTA SHOOTINGS We cry out to you, O LORD, as our hearts hurt and our souls question; Why is there so […]