Devotion – Hebrews 2

One of the most frightening events that ever took place in my life happened one afternoon on a lake called Crab Orchard in Southern Illinois when a storm blew in.  I was waterfowl hunting with a friend of mine that morning.  As the day started, it was a bit windy, but we weren’t too concerned.  But as the day went on, the wind got worse and worse and worse.  We kept thinking that the wind would die down, but we began to realize that the opposite was taking place.  We weren’t really sure what to do.  We were on an island in the middle of the lake, with decoys all around.  The waves from the wind were crashing onto the island and knocking our boat all over the place.  We realized that we had to try to get back to the shore, so we picked up our decoys, put them in the boat, and the two of us began our trek back.  It was terrifying!  As we tried to move across the water, waves were bouncing us from side to side.  We would roll off of one wave when the next one would come flying over the back of the boat, soaking us and filling the boat with water.  For a few minutes, I began to wonder if we would make it.  As we moved closer to the shore, I saw the sweetest sight I could imagine… a small harbor with the boat dock.  What normally was  a five minute boat ride took us twenty five minutes of fighting the wind, but when we got to that dock, and I tied us down to the moorings, I knew we were alright.

Hebrews 2:1 has two Greek words that deal with the nautical ideas.  The first one, which my Bible translates “pay closer attention” has the idea of mooring a ship, tying it to a dock.  The other, translated “drift away” carries the idea of a ship that is drifting, and passes the harbor, and is unable to return.  The waves are fierce and the wind is blowing, the opportunity to dock has passed.  Chapter 1 told us that God has spoken through His Word and through His Son.  Now, the writer is warning that we should pay attention to what He is saying, and be sure to moor our ship to the dock of His salvation.

Our sin is the storm, the waves.  It leaves us out to sea with little chance.  But in Jesus Christ, God has provided a way of salvation, a dock where we can anchor our lives.  Chapter two of Hebrews is a challenge not to slip by the harbor of His salvation before it is too late.  Jesus Christ is the answer to the wind and the waves that toss us about.  He is the one who can give stability in a world of turmoil.  But we must first come into His harbor and attache ourselves to Him.
Remember that this book is written to three types of people.  Some of the readers are drifting at sea, watching the harbor and dock from a distance.  These people are looking at Jesus, but have not taken any steps to receive Him.  Others are in the harbor, but not attached to the dock.  They have moved closer to Christ, and may even identify with Him, but have not attached themselves to Him.  Finally, there are those who have tied to the dock, and put their anchors down.  They have found Salvation in Jesus.

Where are you at today?  Are you out at sea, drifting by the harbor?  Or are you safely attached to the dock?  The waves can be scary!

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