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Devotion – John 1:19-51

I love this story, because at the very heart of it, we find two men whose lives are changed by the Messiah, and they can’t hold it in. Andrew meets Jesus and cannot help but go find his brother to tell him of the wonderful things he has seen. Philip has an encounter with the […]

Devotion – John 1:1-18

All of the Bible is inspired by God, and therefore all of it is important. It is all God’s Word. But there are some passages that rise to incredible heights when you read and study them. The introduction to the Gospel of John is one of the highest, most incredible passages in all of Scripture. […]

Devotion posts – starting in John

I am going to add a bit to the blog. In the business of things, I don’t spend enough time writing and getting thoughts out, so one way I am going to use the blog to speak into our church is to post a devotion once or twice a week. The idea is to encourage […]

Trick or Treat? Being missional at Halloween

October 31 is approaching, which means. It’s national eat candy till you puke day for kids! Yep, all the kids in the neighborhood will put on their costumes and come to your door begging for treats, and then judging each house in the neighborhood on the basis of who had the best stuff. Those who […]

God and gods

One of the most influential books in our culture right now is The Life of Pi by Yann Martel (it is on the freshman literature reading list at EHS). The story is about a boy from India on a spiritual journey who becomes a Hindu-Muslim-Christian. My son Andy was enthralled by the story of this […]