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Devotion – John 9

A couple years ago, we took a trip with our high school graduates, that included a cave exploration. We were very careful to enter the cave with plenty of flashlights and making sure all of us had a good helmet. We also had a guide who already knew the layout of the cave. During our […]

Getting involved – Making a kingdom difference in political issues

Now that we are entering a political season, we are going to hear about the hot topics quite a bit. In the sermon this past Sunday, I mentioned that God’s people have a tendency to look for a political savior who will lead their nation back to a certain place of prominence and goodness, rather […]

Devotion – John 8

Did Jesus ever claim to be God? Some people, who want to believe that Jesus was just a great teacher and a good man, have said that Jesus never actually claimed to be God. In fact, they would say, the deity of Jesus Christ is an idea that was made up by followers of Jesus […]

Devotion – John 7

I have noticed that the very mention of the name of Jesus will bring many different reactions. For some, thinking of Jesus brings anger. They are opposed to Jesus Christ, and anyone who will stand for Him. Some have even made it their goal in life to destroy Christianity and the God we serve. Others […]

Merry Christmas

So we just finished a great morning, unwrapping gifts, and hanging out with family. I don’t know about you, but I love Christmas. It just seems to be more special each year, as I watch my kids live in the wonder of it all. We told our kids not to wake us before 8 AM, […]