Update: Service will be held at Eureka High School

We’re meeting in our normal location and time. Do not go to The Timbers. You’ll be alone, but, hey… It’ll give you time to sign up for a membership to get started on your New Year’s Resolution.

As we mentioned earlier, the Rockwood School District didn’t think they’d have the school ready for us to meet on Sunday. We talked with the City of Eureka, and were able to secure a space at The Timbers of Eureka. Shortly after we finalized plans to meet in The Timbers, we received word from Rockwood that they had made significant progress at the school, and that we would, in fact, be able to meet at the high school.

Therefore, we will be meeting at our normal place and time, the Dorothy Williams Theater of Eureka High School at 10am. We still plan to have a shortened service, to allow folks to get out a help with cleanup.

Thanks for your understanding while we work out the logistics. We, at Genesis Church, would also like to thank the Rockwood School District staff who’s hard work made it possible for us to maintain “business as usual” despite nothing about this time being “usual.” A special thank you goes to Ann Moore at the Eureka Parks and Recreation department for working with us over the past week to help us secure a fallback location, and for allowing us to cancel at the last minute.

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