Genesis Sunday Service Moved to Timbers This Week

Updated: May 5, 2017 at 3:41 pm

We’ve received word from Rockwood that they made some good progress on the cleanup at Eureka High School. Therefore, we will be meeting at our normal location, the Dorothy Williams Theater of Eureka High School, at our normal time. We still plan on a shortened service, to allow folks to get out a help with cleanup. Thanks for your understanding. And, again, do not go the The Timbers of Eureka. Read our update on the situation.

With the flooding at Eureka High School, the campus will not be ready for us to have our service there this Sunday, so our plan is to move our service to the Timbers of Eureka (map link below). We have made arrangements with the Eureka Parks Dept. to do this. Our service will begin at 10 AM as normal, with full GenesisKids programs.

The plan is to shorten the service a bit and then leave directly from there to serve in our city. It would be awesome if the majority of our people showed up in work clothes. We are working on details of where people can serve and a plan to get everyone involved, and even working on a plan for child care for younger kids at the church office while people serve during the afternoon.

Please help us spread the news. Use social media to let people know about the change.

This is a great chance for us to do the things mandated by Christ and the Gospel, to gather for worship as we make much of Jesus through singing, prayer, the preaching of the Word, and fellowship, and then to make much of Jesus as we go and live on mission in our city. We really hope Genesis people will be a part of both. God bless, and see you Sunday.

Map to The Timbers of Eureka

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