Vacation and Camping Worship Experiences for Families

Last Summer Weston Ely and I wrote three worship experiences for families to do on their vacations.  This came after much thought and soul searching about the subject of summer vacations, camping trips, and other activities that take families away from church.  On one hand, we as a church know the value these trips can have for families.  But they can also represent a dangerous form of idolatry as families relegate their relationship with God and the community of faith to a secondary position, way behind the regular weekend at the lake or campground.  As we thought about this we thought that one way we could encourage families to keep Christ at the center of life while taking these trips was to encourage you to keep worship of Jesus central.  The first option would be for families to make sure they attend a church each weekend they are gone.  Another option was to provide a few worship experiences that families can do together around a campground or in a hotel room.

So I wanted to post these on the blog to make them available to you for any trips, including your Memorial Day getaways.  The music is from the CD I Could Sing of Your Love Forever: Kids.  We have a few copies at Genesis Kids, or you could use other music as you sing together.  The important thing with all of it is that when you travel and miss being with your community of faith, don’t vacation from your worship of Jesus and relationship with God.


1 Reengaging God

2 Reconnect with Family

3 Reflecting on life

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