St. Louis Post article on House of Hope in Haiti

The St. Louis Post Dispatch has a story on the House of Hope Orphanage, the damage to the orphanage, and the plight of the girls there right now.  There is significant damage.  The picture on the main site is of all the girls we grew to love when we went there this summer. Be sure to look through the gallery in the article.  Not all the pictures are of the orphanage, but many are.  As you can guess, I sat here and wept for these girls and for the sad state they are in.  I worry about safety, as they live and sleep in the make-shift tent.  Pray for them, and for all of Haiti.

3 Responses to “St. Louis Post article on House of Hope in Haiti”

  1. Mike Hubbard says:

    Carl and Carole Vorst were on Channel 4 tonight talking about things at the orphanage. Here is the link to that.

  2. My friend, Jim Keagy, is part of Edge Outreach in St. Louis. Edge Outreach is an organization that does water purification: providing Living Water with physical water. I have a great respect for their work and have seen it in action. Three different teams from Edge are going down to Haiti with the Salvation Army. Jim is being trained in disaster recovery on Sunday and flying to Haiti on Wednesday with the Salvation Army. The Culligan water purification site in Port-au-Prince was destroyed, and I know that is one of the areas they are planning to work on.