Responding to the Haiti Crisis with Gospel Centered giving

News today from Haiti is not good.  While events like this earthquake do leave us with questions about the sovereignty and presence of God, it also gives those of us who follow Jesus the opportunity to get involved.  I am sure some of you are thinking about giving to help the rescue and care efforts going on in Haiti.  While there are numerous organization that are already mobilizing to get involved in the rescue effort, I would encourage you if you are going to give towards these efforts, to choose organizations that will also use this opportunity to share the love of Jesus with people as they help them.  Here are a few websites of organizations of which I am aware that are already raising funds and mobilizing people for these efforts.  Most of these have ways to give online.  If you know of other groups who will work hard to rescue and help people while at the same time telling them of Jesus, post a reply.

International Mission Board of Southern Baptists

Samaritans Purse

World Vision

Compassion International

3 Responses to “Responding to the Haiti Crisis with Gospel Centered giving”

  1. Matt Stein says:

    Living Water International, the organization Stephen Lancaster did his work through, also allows us to give online:

  2. Matt Stein says:

    The Children’s Hunger Fund is also rallying individuals and companies alike to donate goods as well as make donations: