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Divine Inspiration – How we Know the Bible is from God (Part 2) – Bible Prophecies
Posted January 16th, 2019 by Mike Hubbard

In the first post of this series I shared that my goal was to write  a series of posts giving evidence of the divine inspiration of the Bible.  At Genesis we believe in a view of inspiration called plenary-verbal inspiration.  This view basically affirms that human authors were writing, but their human words were literally […]

Coffee Mugs and Context – Part 1
Posted January 10th, 2018 by Mike Hubbard

As I was trolling Twitter I came across a Tweet from a pastor that I have long respected (and I still do).  The post was fairly simple, he posted the text of Isaiah 45:3, which reads: I will give you the treasures of darkness and the hoards in secret places, that you may know that […]

Is Predictive Prophecy the Bible’s Way of Fortune Telling?
Posted May 23rd, 2014 by Mike Hubbard

The Bible has a myriad of prophecies, and most people would confirm that many of them have not been fulfilled.  There are predictions of the last days, the return of Christ, the rapture of the church, the Antichrist, the millennium, the resurrection of the dead, and the new heaven and earth.  The Bible speaks of […]