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Downloading the Confession App – Integrating confession and repentance in your prayers
Posted May 24th, 2011 by Mike Hubbard

Continued talking about prayer this past Sunday, with our focus on confession and repentance in our prayers.  As we have done each week of this series, I wanted to post a blog that I hope will become interactive with ideas on how people can incorporate prayers from this week’s them in their lives.  This list […]

Downloading the Thanksgiving App – Ways to integrate thanksgiving into your prayer life
Posted May 10th, 2011 by Mike Hubbard

Second week in our series on prayer.  This week we talked about downloading thanksgiving and gratitude into life.  Here are some of the ideas we shared in the service, and a few others to help with growing in our prayer in this area. Good things, bad things, God things – Have each family member discuss […]

Downloading the Praise App – Ideas for integrating praise in your life
Posted May 3rd, 2011 by Mike Hubbard

Started our new series on prayer this past Sunday.  We are calling the series iPray as we look at different apps of prayer that we should download into our lives.   During the series we are looking at models of these prayers in the book of Psalms.  The first app we studies was praise, or adoring […]