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Some Steps Toward Discernment – How to Prepare Yourself for the Danger of False Teachers
Posted February 23rd, 2014 by Mike Hubbard

We are spending a few weeks walking through the implications of 2 Peter 2.  This chapter is a stern warning about the danger of false teachers.  Peter is loving the church by sharing hard words.  Sometimes the most loving thing a person can do is to warn and the most positive thing a person can […]

Devotion – One Hit Wonders: 2 John
Posted February 15th, 2010 by Mike Hubbard

Background: John was one of the twelve disciples who followed Jesus and one of Jesus best friends on the earth.  He spent three years listening to Jesus teaching and watching him serve people and perform miracles.  This man that John had given his life to follow was much more than an ordinary man, Jesus was […]