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6 Pillars of a Christian View on Suffering – From Gospel Coalition
Posted July 14th, 2013 by Mike Hubbard

I plan on posting several posts this week on the topic of suffering, hoping to share Scriptures, resources, etc. on the topic.  But wanted to start with a link to a good blogpost from the Gospel Coalition which has thoughts from theologian D. A. Carson on the subject.  The blogpost also has a link to […]

The God Who is There
Posted October 17th, 2010 by Mike Hubbard

Referenced a book that I am really enjoying in the sermon this morning,  The God who is There written by theologian D. A. Carson.  The basic purpose of the book is to trace the big storyline of the Bible and show how this meta-narrative points us to Jesus.  By doing so Carson demonstrates that God […]