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Devotion: John 2:13-25

As I submit these devotions, my hope is that you will spend a few minutes reading the text from the Bible, and then consider how I’ve applied it to life. My goal is to have you read through entire books of the Bible, but the devotions I write will often deal only with a section […]

The Ragamuffin Gospel

For those who have been working through our series of messages on grace, I want to suggest to you the book The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. I’ve read this book as I have prepared for the series, and found it to be incredibly refreshing. Since I came from a very churched background, it is […]

Devotion – John 2:1-11

It was a Bible drill (Bible drill was a class we attended at church to learn how to find important passages in the Bible and memorize verses) question when I was in elementary school. “What was Jesus first miracle?” The answer; changing water in to wine. I grew up in a religious home where my […]

Chosen by God

Few theological topics will bring heated debate quicker than a discussion on predestination and election. Trying to grasp the idea that God, in His sovereignty has chosen people for salvation and to be a part of His family can leave people with a deluge of emotions and thoughts. “If God chooses, where does this leave […]

Devotion – John 1:19-51

I love this story, because at the very heart of it, we find two men whose lives are changed by the Messiah, and they can’t hold it in. Andrew meets Jesus and cannot help but go find his brother to tell him of the wonderful things he has seen. Philip has an encounter with the […]