Genesis Church: Blog - Page 273

Devotion – John 4

Focus – John 4:1-26 What exactly is God up to? Right now, what is He doing? Have you ever thought about this question? We tend to think that God is in heaven, sitting on a rocking chair, listening to harp music. But God is active to pursue His purpose and mission. What is that mission? […]

Why preach a series like Mythbusters?

This Sunday we will begin a new series of messages at Genesis titled Mythbusters. My guess is that this series will be a bit controversial and stir the pot a little. On the Mythbusters TV show, the hosts Adam Savadge and Jamie Hyneman and the rest of their gang examine myths to determine if they […]

Devotion: John 3

Focus: John 3:1-21 In the late 1970’s, President Jimmy Carter created quite a stir when he labeled himself “a born again Christian.” Carter, who is a Baptist, used this term to identify himself with a group of people who have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and who have trusted Him with all of life. […]

Devotion: John 2:13-25

As I submit these devotions, my hope is that you will spend a few minutes reading the text from the Bible, and then consider how I’ve applied it to life. My goal is to have you read through entire books of the Bible, but the devotions I write will often deal only with a section […]

The Ragamuffin Gospel

For those who have been working through our series of messages on grace, I want to suggest to you the book The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning. I’ve read this book as I have prepared for the series, and found it to be incredibly refreshing. Since I came from a very churched background, it is […]