Thinking about Justice this Martin Luther King Holiday

Happy Martin Luther King Day.  As you are enjoying the day, let me encourage you to think about the issue of Biblical justice.  Throwing a few things out for your consideration.

This article by Tim Keller is from his book Generous Justice and looks at the question, “what is Biblical justice?”  I referenced a quote from this article in the sermon yesterday.

The second here is the text of MLK’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail; This letter is, for me, one of the most influential things I have ever read outside of the Bible as Dr. King was speaking to pastors who agreed in principle with Dr. King but failed to act.

The third here is an amazing video from the people at The Bible Project looking at the idea of Biblical justice in the Scriptures, explaining both why justice is needed, the God of justice, and the call to justice for the people of God.  This is so worth the time today.  God bless.

One Response to “Thinking about Justice this Martin Luther King Holiday”

  1. Mike S says:

    Thank you Mike. Wish I would have seen this before our c-group meet last night…as we took on this question of justice.