Sunday Service – March 22

Welcome to Genesis Church Worship Service for March 22.  Before we begin you will need a few things.  First, grab your Bibles.  Second, download this Worship Guide.  It has an order of service you can follow and the sermon notes for the message.  You may want to make copies of the notes sheet for your family.  Once you have these, just follow the order straight down this post.  God bless, we are praying for you today.

Worship Guide – March 22

Offering – Genesis Church Online Giving

Song – My One Comfort

Song – His Mercy is More

Corporate prayer – Pray together

Loving heavenly Father, You are our magnificent God and Your name is great in all the earth. You spoke the worlds into being and stretched out the heavens by the might of Your great power. You have established Your strength from everlasting to everlasting and the heavens are the work of Your fingers.

You looked down in mercy and grace on the children of men and sent the eternal Son of Your love to visit us and redeem us. We rejoice in Your gracious love and great compassion and we joy in the God of our Salvation. We sing Your praises for ever and ever for You alone are worthy to be praised and worshiped.

How excellent is Your wonderful name in all the earth and how majestic are the works of Your hand – We will lift up our voices to proclaim You are the Lord and God of my Salvation and I delight to sing praises to Your holy name and to worship at Your feet. Praise the Lord oh my soul for all the many blessings You have poured out onto all those that love You,

Praise the Lord forever and ever, in Jesus name I pray,


Sermon – Habakkuk 1:1-11

Song – God the Uncreated One

One Response to “Sunday Service – March 22”

  1. Greg Jarvis says:

    Thank you, Mike and everyone involved in planning and orchestrating today’s morning worship service. It was good to “meet” knowing many were gathering at the same time. Glad God included Habakkuk.
    Thanking God that he prepared ways for us to meet like this well before there was ever the need with the internet, apps, etc. that we could use.
    Nice that there’s snow to play in afterward, as well.
    Too, SO sorry for the loss of good toilet paper 🙂