Corporate Prayer of Repentance for Thanksgiving

We prayed this together in our service today.  A good prayer for this week.

Gracious and all-knowing God and Father of our Lord Jesus, discerner of every heart, before whom we are all laid bare, I confess the weakness of my longing to magnify you. And I confess that often I lose or ignore this longing, and am more eager that I myself or other things would be magnified more than you. O God, I pray that in these next moments you would so speak as to awaken a longing in my heart to magnify you. Beget saving faith that loves to do all things to your glory. Lord, the heart of stone is impregnable by me or any man. But you have promised to take out the heart of stone and put in the heart of flesh, to turn hardness into tender joy. Almighty God, may nothing in my mind stop you this morning from performing this radical surgery to make me new—that I might leave this place magnifying you with thanksgiving. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

One Response to “Corporate Prayer of Repentance for Thanksgiving”

  1. Eric Burnley says:

    As I mentioned this morning, this is a paraphrased prayer borrowed from a John Piper sermon from 1980. Here is the link to the full sermon text and original prayer.