Prayer Calendar for May

During May we as a church are going to emphasize prayer.  We have a sermon series looking at various aspects of prayer, and we are encouraging our people to participate in prayer on many different levels.  One of the ways we are doing that is through a prayer Calendar and Journal we have published.  You can pick up a hard copy at Genesis or download it below.  Each day during May has an entry that includes a Psalm to read and pray through, thoughts on prayer following the “PRAY” acrostic

P = Praise, prayers that thank and worship Jesus

R = Repent, confessing our sin and need for grace

A = Ask, petitions made to God

Y = Yield, submitting ourselves in prayer to the purpose and plan of God.

So each day the journal will lead you through each of these aspects of prayer, and will also give you other prayer needs and requests you can remember.

So, let me encourage you to start using this today, and pray with us for the next month.  And we will see the great things God will do as we seek Him together as a church family.

2011 Prayer Journal

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