Haiti, Day 5 – some paint and some water fun!

The guest blogger for tonight is Andy Hubbard

I hate oil based paint.  It is thick and sticky and doesn’t wash off.  I also found out that lacquer thinner burns!!!  As you can tell, we painted again today.  We painted the veranda a lovely pink color.  Unfortunately we did not know that the paint was oil based and we got it everywhere.  Parts of my hair are also a very lovely pink color.  After the painting, we played with the girls.  They decided to bring out water games,  so I spent half an hour  being chased around the building.  I spent the rest of the afternoon getting soaked and soaking everyone else.

When I came here, I was expecting something from a Lottie Moon video (for those of you who don’t have Baptist Church background, Lottie Moon was a missionary to China in the 19th century whose name is used for a Christmas offering for international missions). I was planning to see nothing but sad faces.  This is not what I thought it would be.  All the children here are incredibly happy.  Even though these kids have nothing, they have a joy that I do not see from people in Eureka.  These kids know that all they need is Jesus and that nothing else matters.  I have seen nothing but smiles all week.  I have been on a lot of mission trips, but this is my first out of country experience.  I am learning creole pretty well, and will probably greet you all using only it. It is a really interesting experience.

This is my first overseas mission experience.  These people have nothing but are still joyful.  Dad has been speaking about how your treasure shows where your heart is.  I have found that the children in this orphanage and the members of the church here have their hearts in the right place.  This shows me that I am blessed beyond all belief and am still ungrateful for what I don’t have. These people have nothing and are satisfied in Jesus.  They truly have their hearts and their treasures in the right place.

Although I am keeping myself busy, I still get a little homesick.  All these kids remind me of Josiah or Alex in some way, and I really miss mom’s cooking.  By the time I get home, Mary and Grace will be like eight.  I love you all, see you soon.


P.S. To those of you who prayed for Aaron Holdegraver the other night, thanks.  Aaron woke up the next morning feeling great and has been doing very well since.  We are thankful.

One Response to “Haiti, Day 5 – some paint and some water fun!”

  1. Mike, Heidi, and Andy Hubbard says:

    okay- that is beautiful. thanks, andy, for reminding me how truly blessed i am….and for challenging me to place my treasure in the right place.

    i can just imagine the pink paint. 🙂 bring some home for your room! We miss you so much. Josiah thought he was going on the plane with you guys. He is doing okay- but is getting sick of girly movies and alex’s ipod music. and i did hear him “playing house” with alex today. hee hee. i’m sure he will be thrilled when he sees you again.

    oh- and by the way- you haven’t missed much cooking. there’s no need without you guys here! oh- but i did make a gooey butter cake yesterday. it’s almost gone already! I’ll make some more when you get home! Take care and give all those girls lots of smiles and hugs from me!