Post Article on the Loudons

I am sitting here on Sunday morning, already late for church, when my dad called to let me know that the front page of the St. Louis Post had an article about some friends of ours, John and Gina Loudon.  I decided to see if they had the article posted on their website, and it was the first thing that popped up.  The article is about their adopting a little boy with downs syndrome.  Great article, and it is beautiful how the Gospel shines through.  They are great people, who love Jesus deeply.  John is a Missouri State Senator.  On the web page they also included a video about their situation.

The reason I am so drawn to this is that they are a living example of people who live the Gospel in such a way that they have found joy in living for something incredible.  God bless.

One Response to “Post Article on the Loudons”

  1. john and gina loudon says:


    Well, whenever you think about running again you have to Google yourself and find out all the trash, so you know how to respond when your opponent invites such antics. That is when I came across your nice words…thank you, Brother! Love to your family. We should meet for lunch after church one Sunday, or something.

    In His Love,
    John and Gina