Robertson McQuilken on Focus on the Family

If you attended the Everybody Loves Marriage series over the summer, you may remember the story I shared of a man named Robertson McQuilken. McQuilken was the President of Columbia International Seminary when he found out that his wife Muriel was suffering from Alzheimer’s. He left his place of leadership to care for his wife, and became her primary caretaker for well over ten years. The story is told in the book A Promise Kept by McQuilken. He tells his story on yesterday’s Focus on the Family broadcast. Listening will be a great inspiration for Valentines Day. You can listen by clicking here.

2 Responses to “Robertson McQuilken on Focus on the Family”

  1. A David Macnaughtan says:

    I want to obtain “A Promise Kept” in Australia. Can you tell me who stocks it?
    Thanks, David

  2. Mike Hubbard says:

    It is available at Not sure where it could be purchased in Australia.