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Devotion – Exodus 8

This chapter is about annoyance.  God sends three plagues in chapter 8; a multitude of frogs, gnats, and flies.  I actually think my daugther, Alex, would like the frogs part, but maybe not so much if there were like fifty in her room.  I’ve been to places where gnats just seemed to swarm everywhere, and […]

Article on Christians and Doubts

The front page of this past Sunday’s St. Louis Post Dispatch had a good article titled “Church Takes on Atheism by Embracing Doubters” (click here to link to that article).  The article is about the Journey Church here in St. Louis, one of our fellow Acts 29 churches, and their efforts to engage skeptics with […]

Questions and Doubts #2

When reading the Bible, especially in the Old Testament, how can God be seen as a loving God, when he strikes down so many people?  He seems more like an angry hateful God to me. This is one of those deep thinking, philosophical questions.  I’ll try to give a few simple responses, but at the […]

Devotion – Exodus 7

Exodus seven begins the story of the 10 plagues in Egypt.  God is about to bring an incredible judgement on the Egyptian people and on Pharoah.  Each plague is a little more devastating, and more intense, brought by God as a just response to the horrible slavery and oppression of the Hebrews.  And Pharoah’s response […]

Questions and doubts – #1

On Sunday we began the sermon with some questions from the congregations about the struggled of life and doubts that we have.  We asked people attending church to submit questions on an index card, thinking we would get two or three questions.  We actually got a bunch.  You can hear answers to a couple of […]