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Everybody Loves Marriage Project – Week 1, Singles

You are about to embark on an adventure. For the next ten weeks, Mike will be speaking from the Bible about issues related to marriage. Each week, you will also receive a project. These projects are designed to help you apply the material from the message, and to give you some practical steps to prepare […]

Everybody Loves Marriage – Reading list

The following is a list of Scriptures to be used in upcoming messages in the Everybody Loves Marriage series. We’d like to encourage you to use these passages in your devotional times. If you are married, read these Scriptures with your spouse each week. If you are not married, read and pray through these passages […]

What I think about Postmodernism – Part 1

It’s often hard to tell what’s going on when you’re in the middle of it. After all, what did Gutenberg think when he printed the first page of the Bible? Did he know that simple machine would spark the Renaissance? Did he know that literacy would quadruple as people tried to get their hands on […]

Musings from the National New Church Conference

Did you miss me? If you didn’t know it, I spent much of this week in Orlando for the National New Church Conference. Over 2,000 people involved in church planting attended, which was pretty cool. To see that many people who are on the same journey as us was encouraging. I believe God is doing […]

Genesis – 1 year old!!!

It is hard for me to believe that we have been doing church for a year. On April 16, 2006, we held our first service in the Eureka HS Theater. The service began with a short drama starring Melody Buehrle and Ben Lancaster. Genesis Church began in the book of Genesis (that is appropriate). Time […]