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Devotion – John 13

Feet are nasty! Of all parts of any person’s body, feet have to be the most disgusting. Have you ever been sitting in a car or a room when a person took off their shoes and the whole place smelled? Nothing smells worse than the ominous odor of sweaty feet. Feet are ugly. They get […]

Devotion – John 12

You’re attending a party. The guests of honor are Jesus and Lazerus. The host of the party is Simon the Leper (see Matthew 26:6-12), a man that Jesus must have healed from the horrible disease. What a festival, the Son of God, a man who had been dead four days who is alive, and a […]

The Bucket List

So, not many movies work to both entertain me, move me, and get me to thinking. Honestly, it’s probably because I avoid emotional movies like my dog avoids me when I have a rolled up newspaper. Usually, I’d rather laugh or be thrilled, but my wife planned our date night tonight, so we went to […]

Devotion – John 11

Jesus had this uncanny way of messing up funerals! Can you imagine this scene? This guy Lazerus had been dead four days. Now Jesus shows up, and it seems that His timing seems completely off. You see, Lazerus, Mary, and Martha were a family that Jesus loved. Word comes to Jesus that Lazerus was sick. […]

Living the “Dream”

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day, a day set aside to honor a man who represents the struggle of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. I just wanted to stop and write a short post encouraging readers to actually stop, take a moment, and think about the reason many of us have a […]