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Devotion – Hosea 3

This story is almost like an ancient soap opera.  It might be As Israel Turns or Days of Hebrew Lives.  Hosea is the guy everybody likes, but he married the sneaky girl with the shifty eyes.  Gomer (OK, no Soap Opera would have a hot chick named Gomer, but go with me) seems to flirt […]

Idols and happiness – a quote by C. S. Lewis

I’m going to read this quote in the message in the morning, but wanted to post it on the blog as well.  As we close the sermon series on worship, I thought it was a very appropriate thought about the futility of pursuing all the other false gods we worship.  The quote is from the […]

Sermon on Baptism

At our weekend service this week, I am going to be speaking on the sacraments of baptism and communion. Baptism is a difficult issue, as we talk about the importance of believer’s baptism, or the need for people who have believed in Jesus to follow that with a public declaration of their faith in baptism. […]

Devotion – Hosea 2

I remember a time many years ago when a teenager from the youth ministry hurt me.  The reason the actions of this teen hurt so much is because I allowed the person to get very close to me and went way out of my way to minister to this young person.  I had spent a […]

“Expelled” and Intelligent Design

I want to let you know about a movie being released to theaters this weekend.  Expelled, No Intelligence Allowed is a documentary looking at the interaction between secular science and the theory of intelligent design.  Ben Stein, made famous by his appearance in Ferris Beuller’s Day Off– “Anyone, Anyone…” –   (he is also an […]