Gospel Class Spring 2024

Sunday Evenings April 7 – May 5

Location: Church Office, 5:30-8:00 p.m.

There is no cost for the class.  Childcare is available with advance registration.

Online registration is closed for the Spring Gospel Class.  Contact [email protected] if you would like to attend.

What is the “Gospel Class”?

The class is designed to be the first major connection for those considering Genesis as their church home, whether for a season or for a lifetime.  It also serves as the biblical overview of the foundation from which our theology and community springs.  Content of the class includes an overview of Genesis Church and our core values, with a doctrinal exploration of our core beliefs.  It also serves as the first small group where those attending can develop relationships in the church.

Who should take the Gospel Class?

The Gospel Class is open to everyone in middle school and above.  If it’s your first week at Genesis or if you have been coming for months, if you believe in Jesus or not, this introductory class is a great place to get started for those who are merely curious and for those who are excited to get connected.

We ask that everyone considering Genesis to be their church home take this class to assess how they feel about God, the Gospel, and what we believe; praying for discernment and growth, as they choose a local body of believers to call their family.

What if I want to be a member of Genesis?

This class is one of our requirements for membership.  We ask that everyone interested in becoming a member walk through this discussion of our core beliefs and the vision for Genesis.  Whether you became a Christian yesterday, or have been to seminary, there are no exceptions.  We believe that belonging to a church is a big decision and that those who choose to join Genesis need to be on the same page in their beliefs and willing to be a part of our mission.  The Gospel Class in one step toward this goal.

Do I have to attend all five sessions?

We believe the material in this class is important and want people to be familiar with the content before seeking membership at Genesis.  The class is also designed to give attenders a place to begin developing community.  We ask that you attend all five sessions of the Gospel class.

What if I can’t attend all five sessions?

We will allow you to miss one session, but will ask that that session be made up by reading the material and meeting with one of our Elders.  Please let Mike know in advance if you will miss a week.  If you must miss more than one session, we think the best option is to wait for the next class.  The Gospel Class is typically offered in the spring and fall of each year.

 How do I register?

Complete information above.  Or, you can register by e-mailing [email protected].  Childcare can be provided if requested in advance of the class date.

Is Sunday the only option?

Generally, Sunday evening is the best overall option for those desiring to participate in the class.  If enough people are interested in a different time for the class, we may be able to offer a second option.