The Pastor as Missionary

I am super honored to be able to speak at the Metro Mission Quarterly today on the topic The Pastor as Missionary.  My time is limited, so thought I would create a post with my notes and some other ideas and materials for the talk.

The first item is a survey I created when we first planted, adapted from the book Breaking the Missional Code by Ed Stetzer.  This survey contains a list of questions designed to be used by a pastor in an interview setting with those outside of the church.  The goal is to get thoughts and opinions about the ways a church in a given community might connect and serve that neighborhood. This survey can be used to engage non-Christians, but also would be useful when gaining insights from civic leaders and others with influence in the community (school teachers, policemen, parks department representatives, etc.).  I have also asked people from Genesis to gather a group of friends and used this as a group project.

Community Leaders Survey

Talk Outline and Ideas

1. Research your city

  • Satellite View – Do a demographics study – NAMB Demographics Request
  • Street view – meet with lost people and key leaders to find out how a church in the area could love and serve the city well.

2. Know your neighbors

  • Take cookies or a gift at Christmas
  • Host a movie night or driveway barbecue
  • Create a notebook with the names and needs of the people who live around you so you can know and pray for them
  • Be in your driveway on Halloween

3. Find a place to serve your city

  • HOA Board
  • Youth sports coach
  • Civic leadership team
  • Volunteer for the parks department

4. Get out of your office

  • Do sermon prep in a coffee shop, city park, or Breadco.

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