New Gathering Location as of July 2 – Pacific Intermediate School

God has provided for our church once again.  We learned several weeks ago that as of July, Rockwood would no longer rent space on Sundays, meaning that after 17 years meeting in a district school we had to find a different place for our Sunday gatherings.  Of course, in the somewhat near future we will have a permanent gathering location in our own building.  But for the time we needed a different place for Sundays.  We are happy to announce that the Pacific School District has opened their doors to us, and beginning on Sunday, July 2 we will be meeting at the Pacific Intermediate School (known in the district as PI School) located just off Osage St. on the eastern side of Pacific.  As a church we will be renting a gym space for our gathering and multiple classrooms for Genesis Kids.

Much of our experience there will be similar to our current gathering at Blevins, but there will also be some significant changes as well.  So, flexibility and unity are our goal.  We look forward to how God is going to use us and shape us during this season of the journey, and we continue to be excited for the day we will hold our first gathering on our new property in the building God is providing for us in Eureka.

Map Link to PI School

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