Jesus Is – Sermon Series on Core Beliefs about Jesus

We are starting a new series this morning focused on our core beliefs about Jesus.

A recent Tweet from Dr. Al Mohler states, “It is not an overstatement to say that the entire Christian faith rests on the validity of Christ’s person and work.” At the core, our faith rests in a person who lived in history, whose life, death, and resurrection accomplished our redemption. Yet, recent studies have revealed that even those who identify as believers do not understand or affirm the central beliefs the Scriptures reveal about the identity and work of Jesus. This Easter season and Spring we will be preaching on the doctrine called “Christology”, looking at stories and truths in the Bible that will help us understand who Jesus Is.

Series Titles & Dates

  • March 19 – Jesus is God
  • March 26 – Jesus is Human
  • April 2 – Jesus is Messiah
  • April 9 (Easter) – Jesus is Sacrifice
  • April 16 – Jesus is King
  • April 23 – Jesus is the Prophet
  • April 30 – Jesus is Priest
  • May 7 – Jesus is Perfect
  • May 14 – Jesus is Alive
  • May 21 – Jesus is Coming
  • May 28 – Jesus is Exclusive

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