Sermon Notes & Family Worship – April 17 (Easter)

Sermon notes & family worship sheet from our sermon on Acts 3:11-26 on Peter’s sermon after healing the lame man.

Sermon 9 – Killed the Author of Life

New City Catechism Question #16

Song this week – Crown Him with Many Crowns

Our prayer of confession from the service this morning

Almighty God,

in raising Jesus from the grave,

you shattered the power of sin and death.

We confess that we remain captive to doubt and fear,

bound by the ways that lead to death.

We overlook the poor and the hungry

and pass by those who mourn;

we are deaf to the cries of the oppressed

and indifferent to calls for peace;

we despise the weak

and abuse the earth you made.

Forgive us, God of mercy.

Help us to trust your power

to change our lives and make us new,

that we may know the joy of life abundant

given in Jesus Christ, the risen Lord.  Amen.

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