Sermon Notes & Family Worship – December 27

Family worship sheet from our story about the visit of the magi and what it shows us about the identity of Jesus.

Sermon 5 – Worship

New City Catechism – Question #52

Song this Week – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen/We Three Kings

For our Advent Conspiracy emphasis this week we are focusing on Nick & Lorraine Mosca, our missionaries to Papua New Guinea.  Nick serves as a missionary medical pilot flying a plane to remote villages to rescue people with serious injuries or illnesses and taking them to a hospital in the country.  Then the Moscas and the organization they serve, Samaritan Aviation, minister to these people and share Christ with them while they are in the hospital.  Pray for Nick & Lorriane, their family, and Samaritan Aviation as they serve these people.

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