Sunday Service back at Church Office this Week, September 27

Our first week at the church office was a success.  So our Sunday gathering this week will take place outdoors on the parking lot of the Genesis Church Office located at 102 Wengler Rd. (map link below).  We will gather at 10 AM, and the service will also be livestreamed as well.  We are making an adjustment to our stage location so that the crowd does not have to stare into the sun, and, according to Pastor Mike’s wife, his hair glowing with that backdrop.

Some chairs will be available, but we would recommend those attending to bring their own chairs for the service.  Families are also welcome to bring a pop up canopy for shade if they would like.  Parking will be on the north end and south end of the property with overflow parking on the street south of the office property.

We are headed back to 1 Corinthians and our series DysFunctional Grace this week.  We will begin looking at chapters 12-14 and starting our series on Spiritual Gifts this week (ought to be fun!).  Looking forward to see everyone.

Genesis Church Office – Map Link

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