New Gathering Location – Brookdale Farms

This has been such a difficult year, and we continue to pray, seek God, and strive to do what is best for the people in our church.  On Monday, St. Louis County put out new restrictions on public gatherings that would make it difficult for us to continue to meet at Blevins.  Furthermore, we were informed last week that once school began, Rockwood would not be allowing outside groups to use the buildings, so we were already looking for other options.  Among the Elders there was the feeling that an outdoor option may serve us best in the near future.  God has been so good to us, as the owner of Brookdale Farms has opened up their facilities to us on Sunday mornings.  On most Sundays we will gather in their picnic pavilion, as long as weather cooperates.

Our gathering this Sunday will take place in the Brookdale Farms Picnic Paviliion at 10 AM.  The Hubbard family is still in quarantine, so we will have guest preacher, Dr. Ben Hess.  You will want to come hear our friend Ben share.  Ben was deeply involved in the planting of Genesis Church, as he served as a Church Planting Consultant for the Missouri Baptist Convention at the time of our launch.  Ben oversaw the assessment and training completed by our core team back in the day.  He also chaired Pastor Mike’s doctoral dissertation reading team.  Before working in church planting here, Ben served as a church planting missionary in Africa.  It will be an exciting Sunday, and you will be blessed to hear from Ben.

Brookdale Farms – Map link

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