#JesusChangedMyLife – A Way to Share your Faith and Invite to Easter

We are joining an evangelism movement using the hashtag #JesusChangedMyLife during the week before Easter.  Basic idea, make a video of your faith story, post it on your social networking with the hashtag.  Watch this video and then read below to get a few more instructions.  Let’s pray that God will use this to get the Gospel out to our entire community and way more people would be impacted than the years where we have gathered.


Here’s how to share your faith story.  Use the outline below, and I would encourage you to actually write it out first if you have never done so before.  Practice a few times before making the video.  Keep it between 2-4 minutes.

Start with this introduction, “Hi, my name is ______________________, and I want to tell you the story of how Jesus changed my life.

Then use the following outline.

1. My life, values, and attitudes before I met Jesus.

  • Include good things and struggles
  • Point out the reality that you were a sinner and needed forgiveness

2. How I met Jesus

  • Where were you and what was going on
  • What happened in your spirit, in other words, how did you know the Spirit was calling you and that you were ready to respond
  • A quick explanation of the Gospel, something like, “I understood that Jesus came and died on the cross for my sin and three days later He rose again.  And because of Him I can have a relationship with God and find forgiveness.
  • How you responded – Did you pray, how did you confess Christ?  Give a brief model for how your friends could respond

3. An explanation of how your life is different now because of Jesus.

  • Be honest about struggles, and that life is tough.  Don’t sugar coat life, but share how Christ helps you navigate hardship and failure
  • Speak of joy, hope, faith, etc.

Conclude with an invitation to a couple things

  • Our Easter service online
  • A conversation – tell people who see it that if they would like to talk about what this means they can reach out to you.

Once your video is done, and hopefully sometime early next week, post this on all your social media with #JesusChangedMyLIfe and a note about joining our Easter service at 10 AM with the link below.  Tell people the link won’t work until Sunday.


My example

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