Sunday Service – March 29

Welcome to Genesis Church Worship Service for March 29. Before we begin you will need a few things. First, grab your Bibles. Second, download this Worship Guide. It has an order of service you can follow and the sermon notes for the message. You may want to make copies of the notes sheet for your family. Once you have these, follow the order of service.  Two ways this week.  We have posted all the videos as a YouTube Playlist with the link below.  Click on the playlist and go through the videos in order, pausing at the prayer time and to read the text.  Or you can follow the order straight down this post. God bless, we are praying for you today.

Worship Guide – March 29

Genesis Online Giving

Follow on our Worship Service Playlist Here

Scroll to the bottom of this post for the benediction prayer.

Individual videos below

Benediction Prayer (Pray out loud together)

King of glory, thank you for revealing your love to us today in a powerful way. As we leave this place and go out there may we go in the power of the Holy Spirit. May your grace and love be with us each day. Bless us O Lord with your unfailing love and cause the work of our hands to prosper. Uphold us in the palm of your hand and see us through each stage of our lives. Bless us when we go out and when we come in. In Jesus’ name, we believe and pray, Amen.

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