Church Plant Offering at Easter, Part 1 – Supporting the North American Mission Board

During the Easter season we are collecting an offering to support the work of church planting and some of our partners.  This is the first of three blog posts about this offering, posted to explain the destination of the money given and encouraging people to give cheerfully to support this offering.  All of the money given in this offering will be sent directly to partners who are planting churches locally and in North America.  This year the offering will be divided among three partners.  Each of these posts will share a bit about our partners, and explain how funds will be used to further the work of church planting.

The North American Mission Board (NAMB) is the mission sending and funding mechanism of Southern Baptists focusing on church planting and disaster relief in North America.  The Send North America strategy focuses on planting churches in 32 strategic cities in the U.S. and Canada, including St. Louis.  Funding is used to identify, train, assess, and fund church planters in these cities, as well as all around the continent.  The Annie Armstrong Easter Offering is an offering collected by churches during the Easter season each year to support NAMB and the church planting efforts.  The offering is named after a woman whose efforts in the 1800’s organized Baptists to fund missions around the world. Take a minute to watch these videos that share a bit about the work of NAMB and their church planting efforts.  The second video is about a church planter that is in East St. Louis and a church that is making a significant Kingdom impact in our region.  Kempton Turner is a friend, and is part of both of our local networks (A29 & PlantMidwest).



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