The Sanctity of Life – A Sacred Call to the Church

The truth and grace paradox is always difficult.  To clearly proclaim truth from the Gospel while at the same time doing it with grace being offered to those whose lives have been deeply affected by sin is so tough.  There is no issue where this is more true than the issue of abortion and life.  So we need to be lovingly clear that life is a gift from God, and all life is precious.  We also need to know that both the Scriptures and science actually confirms that human life begins at conception.  Furthermore, since we are created in the image of God, all human life is sacred and and has intrinsic worth and value that is completely separate from that individual’s performance.  So the taking of human life without justification is a justice issue, and the Gospel has implications for all issues of justice.  Yet, we must also be careful to show mercy and love to those whose lives have been affected by this issue, and demonstrate the love of Christ and forgiveness available in Him to all who have sinned.

This weekend, and specifically Sunday is set aside as a day for those of us in the church to be reminded of the issue of life.  Sanctity of Life Sunday is a call to be involved, and to care about this issue, and to remember that all life is a gift from God.  So, let me encourage you to take a few minutes today to watch this video with words from some of the most respected pastors and Christian leaders in our land.

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