Praying the Bible – Super Practical Book on Prayer

Been reading and loving Don Whitney’s new book Praying the Bible, and want to recommend this book.  Like many, I often find prayer the most difficult of the spiritual disciplines.  I find myself being repetitive and struggling with how to pray, what to pray for, and how to stay focused in my prayer.  It can get a little boring saying the same old words about the same old things. This little book has a simple premise that can unlock great joy in your prayer life, “When you pray, pray through a passage of Scripture, particularly a Psalm.”

That may seem simple, but to be honest, the impact of that little statement applied can revolutionize your prayer life.  Whitney spends the first part of the book explaining the idea, and the rest of the book walking readers through various sections of the Bible showing how you can turn the passages into conversations with God while praying for all kinds of things in your life.  He spends to most time explaining how to use the Psalms in our prayer lives, but also has explanation on how to use New Testament letters, narratives, and other types of passages.

The absolute best thing in the book is a play Whitney lays out for praying the Psalms daily.  This little plan (which you will have to read the book to find) is worth the price of the book and the effort to read it.  So, wanted to write a short blog encouraging everyone to pick up this book and spend a little bit of time reading it so you can spend a lifetime applying the ideas to your prayers.

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