Bible Reading Plans for 2015

Whether or not your make resolutions, the start of a New Year is a great time to reboot and start new habits.  The absolute best thing you can do for your growth in Christ as a disciple for 2015 is to incorporate the reading of Scripture into the rhythms of life on a daily basis.  Ligonier Ministries has provided a great online resource to help with this.  The have posted 15 different plans that you could use to read your Bible on a consistent basis.  These plans include approaches that will take you through the Bible or at least portions of the Bible several times in one year, to a one-year reading plan, and even to plans that may take a few years to get through all of the Bible.  There are also plans that are grouped chronologically or by types of literature.  So take a minute to check this website out, and be sure to pick a plan and stick with it during 2015.


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