Leveraging Summer for God’s Glory & Mission – We want to hear your ideas and stories

On Sunday we will commission our team headed to Charleston as missionaries, but we will also be looking at the entire summer as a time of possibility.  With kids out of school and families more likely to be hanging out in yards or parks, Summer is a terrific time to be thinking about living on mission in your neighborhood.  The Sunday sermon will be titled Leveraging Summer for God’s Glory and Mission, and the bulk of what I would like to share are practical ideas that people can take to make a difference during the summer months.  I would like to share your stories and ideas in the service on Sunday.  So help us out by throwing out ideas.  You can focus on these areas, or you may come up with something different.

*Prayer – ideas for praying with your family or others in your community for those living around you or in your community

*Presence – ideas for getting to know people and developing relationships

*Service – ideas for serving people living around you or for making a difference in the lives of people who are poor or broken

*Kids – ideas for building relationships, serving and sharing Jesus with children

*Evangelism – ideas for sharing the Gospel in your neighborhood or city

To give your ideas, one of three ways to respond.  You can e-mail me (e-mail available at genesiseureka.com), reply to this post, or post your idea on Twitter using #GospelSummer.  Would love to start a great conversation here, so help us out by Retweeting this or sharing on Facebook.  Thanks.

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