Learn what Cults & World Religions Really Believe – NAMB Belief Bulletins and Apologetics Website

Our sermon tomorrow morning will look at the false teaching contained in some cults and demonstrate how all they have done is repackage ancient heresies that have been rejected by early Christians.  I will be referencing a terrific website full of great information on this topic.  One of the incredible resources provided by the North American Mission Board are Belief Bulletins on all of the major cults and many of the significant world religions.  Each of these Belief Bulletins give an overview of the history of the religion, information on founders, a list of the important texts and sources of authority, and the core beliefs the cult or religion hold on God, Jesus, the way to salvation, and their view of afterlife.  Each bulletin also has some thoughts on how to share the Gospel with people who are part of this religious system.  So have this at a fingers length when the guys on bicycles arrive at your door.

NAMB – 4truth.net

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