1 Story, 1 Hero, 1 Mission – Resources for Series

This new series on the Old Testament can give our people a great opportunity to discover the big story of the Old Testament while you learn to read the Bible for yourself and find the True Hero.  It can also be an amazing time to teach the great stories in the Bible to your kids and show them the meaning of the high story (the overall story of God redeeming people and His creation) and the low story (each individual story which includes your story and my story).  The following are some suggested resources with links so you can preview and buy.

For Adults & Youth

The God who is There by D. A. Carson – If I were to suggest a single book on this topic, seeing the overall story of God in the Bible, this would be the book.  Great stuff!

The Story (NIV): The Bible as Once Continuing Story of God and His People by Randy Frazee – Contains mostly scripture, it tells the stories of the Bible, but also shows their connection to the big story.  This is the book where the language of the “high story” and the “low story” comes.

Understanding the Big Picture of the BibleCalls itself “a guide to reading the Bible well”, it shows how the Bible is a big story, and then demonstrates how the different types of literature and different sections of the Bible fit in that story.

For Elementary-Aged Kids

ESV Seek and Find Bible – This is an actual Bible for kids who are readers, but throughout the Bible it also includes colorful pages with the big stories of the Bible told in simpler form.  I am reading these stories with Josiah and they are awesome.  At the end of each story it shows how that story connects to the larger story.  Then there are some review questions that are really good to make sure your child understood and some prayer thoughts.

The Story for KidsFollows the format of the Story (above) but designed for kids around 9 and up, it puts the big stories of the Bible in easy to read and follow format using primarily the text from Scripture.

The Story for Children – This version of The Story material is a colorful picture story book with 48 stories from the Bible, designed for early elementary-aged kids.

For Preschool Children

The Jesus Storybook BibleAbsolutely the best kids storytelling Bible on the market, it does a masterful job of showing how every story in the Bible “whispers His name”.  I highly recommend this, primarily for ages 3-7.

The Story for Little OnesThe Story material presented for preschool children.  Reading this one with Grace and Mary at this time.

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