The power of the Gospel, A Seminary in Prison

I genuinely love the Gospel.  I really do believe it has has the power to transform even the most broken and godless life.  But sometimes the message of Romans 1:16-17 escape me.  I need to be reminded that the Gospel is the power of God to all who believe, and that Christ really does change lives.  I especially like when these reminders come from sources that don’t normally have positive views of Jesus and Christ-followers.  This is why I was so encouraged by the article I just read online at the Post-Dispatch website from the Associated Press on a program that is putting prison inmates through seminary classes while they are in prison with the goal of seeing them plant new churches in urban areas upon their release.  This article is so cool because they allow people who have had amazing life change testify of the grace of God in their lives.  Loved it and wanted to post it here so you could read too and be reminded that the Gospel is the power of God for salvation for ALL who believe!

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