Are Mormons Christian?

Believe me, this is not an attempt to jump in to the political fray, nor is this blog an attempt to tell people that they should vote for a candidate based on his religious ideals.  In the coming weeks, though, as Mitt Romney’s candidacy for the Presidency evolves, the question over his faith will grow as well.  Some will say we should not vote for him because he is a Mormon, while others will argue that his religious views should not matter.  It is a third view that this blog is to address, those who will make the claim that his Mormon faith is really Christian, and that Mormons are believers in Jesus, and therefore brothers in Christ.  My goal in posting this is to present theological clarity and help you as reader understand truth.

To do this, I am linking to a very good blog on the Gospel Coalition website on whether Mormons are Christian.  Reading this will help you in a couple ways.  First, it will give clarity to your understanding of the essentials of the Christian faith as opposed by cult religions who use the same language as Christianity (talking about God as Father, about Jesus, etc.) but they pour different meaning into the ideas.  In other words, cults repackage Jesus and the Trinity.  Since they use our language, it is easy to think they are Christian and call them brothers.  Second, as the campaign proceeds, this question is going to grow in our culture, and by reading and being informed we can have an answer for those who ask us about the hope that is in us.

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